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Web analysis

It is difficult to do any marketing activities without quality analysis. That’s why an initial thorough web analysis is a key activity. It enables us to assess and prepare various marketing tools to improve your business and reaction of your potential customers to your online environment.

Flawless data collection

In Promiseo, we start with data collection from the website. Subsequently, a data analysis shows us which part of the website can be improved. Flawless data collection is crucial so that the final data is not skewed. This includes various tracking tools, data collection tools, and their consecutive analysis, and various assessment tools: for example, how many people visited your website, how many visits were unique, how the users arrived at the website, etc. This information makes the functionality of your website clearer and reveals its weaknesses.

How does it work?

The most famous service offering web analysis is Google Analytics, which we use here in Promiseo, as well. If you order the services of web analysis, you can choose from a large number of tools to analyse your website: real-time reports, creation and analysis of segments, API, website analysis, its speed, etc. Thanks to Google Analytics, you can modify your website to your customers’ maximum satisfaction.

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