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What better way is there to capture all the advantages of your brand than via video? People read less and less, however, they click on the videos that catch their eye more. A story in a video tells the customer more than a thousand written words.

Video in the world of advertisement today

A video enables you to present your company, show the functions of products, demonstrate a service, take the customers to another place and another time, or simply present your philosophy. All this in a lively, dynamic way, making it more believable and real. Your potential customers will see what’s important and a video will help them decide whether they will make their purchase.

Advantages of video

Dynamic content usually catches the interest of the audience more than static one. Short formats enable to convey crucial information to the customers in a short time. Social media and the omnipresent Internet support the popularity of video and dynamic content. On the other hand, ad units on TV fulfil the role of a traditional medium the audience is already used to. Clarity and a simple way of communication makes a video number one in content.

Video placement

A video doesn’t have to be only a part of ad units on TV. Today, it is possible to use it as a regular content for your own YouTube channel or to move shorter formats to Facebook and Instagram. A video can make your Facebook cover picture unique. In Promiseo we are happy to advise you where to present your video content most appropriately.

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