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First place in search engines

SEO is key. You, too, can move up to the prominent positions in search engines and for that, you need to take only a few steps. We know how to do it and are happy to help. Key words which optimize your website and deliver the desired results are a matter of course.

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. The aim of SEO is to improve the visibility of a website in search engines (most frequently, Google). There are several techniques and strategies implemented when modifying the website and changing its content. As a result, we want to bring website users a better experience, faster page load, correct display on various devices and most importantly, offer answers to the questions users ask.

Keyword analysis

It is an overview of search queries, current positions in search engines and positions of the competition. Keyword analysis is expanded by a classification part which helps us identify the missing content parts on the website, modify the structure, etc. Keywords are used when suggesting new content, modifying the old one or getting backlinks.

SEO audits

A SEO audit is executed right at the beginning of our cooperation. Its results are provided to our clients and programmers who incorporate all requests.


The so-called link-building is another activity we offer in Promiseo. Getting backlinks is crucial for the website’s authority and trust, since it directly affects the position in search engines. We use plenty of tactics which enable us to get backlinks.

Monitoring and reporting

Our clients receive reports regularly. These reports contain information about traffic, website display in organic search and reached goals. We regularly monitor the important part of the website and if problems arise, we solve them right away.

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