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PR – Public Relations

Unlike common marketing communication, PR strives to fulfil the long-term goals of your company. It not only improves communication between employees and customers, but also affects the wider public. PR helps prevent the decline of a company’s reputation and keep up the moral credit of employees, even in crises.

Types of PR

PR can be targeted at different audiences. Therefore, 3 types of PR exist: internal public relations (employees and corporate culture), external public relations (supporting marketing activities, building and holding up good relations with the public), and cooperative public relations (activities on which local companies participate together). We are happy to help with choosing the right PR activity for you

Crisis communications and information

Apart from communication on social media, PR is based on developing relations with the public and providing various information which, in the end, can help your company reach new customers, as well as keep the old ones. However, if you find yourself in a situation when you need to face adverse conditions, PR is a suitable tool to communicate with the public and media.

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