Stand out! How?

PPC campaigns

Pay for clicks, not views. The form of these campaigns varies from search engine marketing and banners to YouTube videos. They are always displayed to the correct target group, so you know how much you have spent and how many people were interested.

First place in search engines

SEO is key. You, too, can move up to the prominent positions in search engines and for that, you need to take only a few steps. We know how to do it and are happy to help. Key words which optimize your website and deliver the desired results are a matter of course.

Design that sells

Visual identity, rebranding, UX/UI, online and offline designs. We live in the visual period and what doesn’t look nice at first sight, doesn’t catch up. The visual sells, remember that.

Content and communication strategy

Strategy is key. If you don’t know what you want to communicate and what your real target group is, don’t worry. Sometimes a few well-asked questions are enough to get a clear picture of what you need. We are here to find it out and propose solutions.

Creative concept

Stand out! Sometimes, performance advertising in search engines or a mindless banner are not enough. If you really want to stick out, bet on creativity. Currently, people make their decisions based on their emotions or an added value. If this is what your brand is missing, a one-off advertisement helps you only for a certain period of time and then you go back on the rails.


What better way is there to capture all the advantages of your brand than via video? People read less and less, however, they click on the videos that catch their eye more. A story in a video tells the customer more than a thousand written words.

Social media

Social media are more than just statuses and visuals. Thanks to social media, you can stand out and catch an eye, reach people via their interests or show them what is viral at the time. And believe us - it’s not just about likes.

Web analysis

It is difficult to do any marketing activities without quality analysis. That’s why an initial thorough web analysis is a key activity. It enables us to assess and prepare various marketing tools to improve your business and reaction of your potential customers to your online environment.

PR - Public Relations

Unlike common marketing communication, PR strives to fulfil the long-term goals of your company. It not only improves communication between employees and customers, but also affects the wider public. PR helps prevent the decline of a company’s reputation and keep up the moral credit of employees, even in crises.

Business intelligence - from data to profit

In the world full of information the ability to process, transform, analyse and evaluate data is one of the most prominent in the business.