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Business intelligence – from data to profit

In the world full of information the ability to process, transform, analyse and evaluate data is one of the most prominent in the business.

Assess business intelligence and use it to gain more

Companies which work with data and assess them via business intelligence, have the following at their disposal:

  • competitive advantage,
  • control over various aspects of company management (cashflow, work reports, employees’ performance, etc.),
  • the possibility to optimise costs for the company’s course as effectively as possible,
  • make decisions and predictions based on their own data.


What is Business intelligence?

Business intelligence uses software and services to transform data to gain knowledge which helps you make strategic or tactical decisions.

Business intelligence tools analyse data to later interpret them to users via graphs, diagrams, maps and other graphic elements.

Business intelligence from Promiseo

Promiseo gives you a unique chance to start your own intelligence in your company. We take care of the whole set-up from input data processing, their transformation and creation of individual overviews which fulfil your requests.

Don’t hesitate and get quick company overviews which kick-start your business and help you quickly assess pre-set key performance indicators (KPIs). Training on how to work with the report, what data to focus on and how to update it is a part of the evaluation process.

Make use of your company’s data. Contact us and together we can prepare business intelligence for you.

Try an interactive model report on this link.

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